Freaky weather stinks…

When you’re livelihood depends on agriculture, you suddenly start paying a lot more attention to the weather. I no longer look to the weather channel to tell me what to wear or whether it would be a good day to stay outside. Instead, I watch for storms and the chance of rain.

Because going bankrupt would suck.

Rain is nice. Storms aren’t really. See, storms often bring hail and hail can be incredibly damaging to crops. Hail knocks healthy plants to the ground, keeping the farmer from a higher yield. At times, hail can completely kill wheat and corn, resulting in an extreme loss of income for the farmer.

Believe me, farmers work very hard for their pay. Furthermore, they invest a large amount of money in the hope that they will yield a large crop. When that doesn’t happen, it throws off the entire system. A system that we are all involved in. Remember, if you eat, you are involved in agriculture.


Our wheat is looking beautiful this year and Colby believes that it may be one of the best crops ever. That’s really awesome, but it makes every cloud that blows up extremely nerve-racking. Each storm could bring damaging winds and hail, ruining our crop and lowing our income drastically. And we have had a lot of clouds around here lately.

There have been three big storms in the last week. Each of these storms has brought high winds and damaging hail. Luckily, our farm has avoided any damage, but it has caused Colby lots of stress. When bad weather blows up, he’s stuck to his phone and the local weather website like glue. He watched the radar and prays that it misses the farm.


We have been lucky so far, thank goodness. The storms have missed us and we continue to be blessed. The wheat keeps growing and the corn is beginning to come up. My life is full of love. We are all relatively healthy. I’ve got some great friends and amazing family. Life is good today.


But with each cloud that rolls up, I realize that everything could change. It’s important to cherish each moment and realize that it could all be taken away in a second.



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4 responses to “Freaky weather stinks…

  1. I understand! We were in Weatherford for a couple of years and I worked at a doughnut shop. Most of my early morning regulars were farmers and that’s always the talk I heard! Good luck!!!!

  2. where i come from, rain is a good thing 🙂 haha, i love that song! yay for a wetter season, but i hope all the bad stuff stays away! i want lots of good news at harvest time!! 😉

  3. I have so much respect and admiration for farmer’s. You have to have unshakable faith, nerves of steel and an incredible work ethic to succeed at it.

  4. Thank you for farming so I can eat! GR and I would love to own a farm one day.

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