A picture is really worth a thousand words…

Last night, I posted a picture from my high school graduation. One of my internet (imaginary) friends, Mindee, noticed that my baby sister, Jamey, looked a little upset after the ceremonies.

(Does anyone else feel like they people they “meet” over the internet are fake? I mean, someone’s blog could be one big scam. Who’s to say that Mindee isn’t a fifty-five year old, balding man who dreams he was a women? Wait, I think I’m being irrational.)

(By the way, I really don’t think Mindee is a man. She’s a women, for the realz.)

Anyway, back to the story. This blog post did have some kind of point, I promise.

At my high school graduation, Jamey was quite down trodden. The year before, I had attended a boarding school for geeks in the big city. See, I thought I wanted to be a doctor or something. Of course, I soon realized that math and science aren’t really my thing.

My school was over three hundred miles away from my tiny home town. I was only home three days a month and pretty much never got to see my family. While some would absolutely love that, I didn’t. Jamey and I are extremely close. We both hated being apart. When I decided to finish high school back at home, Jamey was ecstatic.

And then I graduated. Jamey realized that her entire world was going to change once again and she was not happy. Not happy at all. The following pictures capture perfectly the dynamics of a large family:





Sometimes a picture (or a series of pictures) are worth more than a thousands words.



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5 responses to “A picture is really worth a thousand words…

  1. thelumberjackswife

    I, too, have wondered if Mindee is a 55 year old balding man.
    Mindee! I kid! I jest!
    I have seen pictures of Mindee in several different locations and I am quite certain she is a woman not older than 29. 🙂
    Love the big fam!

  2. My oldest daugher is graduating next weekend… I am pretty sure I’ll be making the same face as your Jamie in her photos…

    PS.. dropping by from the Lumberjack’s Wife…

  3. The look on the poor brokenhearted little thing’s face in the first two pics is priceless. LOL!

  4. You caught me. I am indeed a 55 year old balding man. How did you know?

    It’s lovely that you and your sister are so close. Cherish that!

    LJW – you are my favorite person today. 🙂

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