Rule #1- Always carry your camera


This is just one of those pictures I had to take. I was driving Jamey home when I noticed the wonderful clouds over the growing wheat. I quickly pulled over on the side of a dirt road and being to click pictures.

That’s what you should always carry your camera folks. You never know when you might need it.

The following pictures were also taken on the side of the road:

The Road Less Traveled





None of these were posed, planned pictures. I didn’t wake up thinking, “I’m going to take some really cool cow pictures today.” It just happened, because I had my camera and spotted a moment that I wanted to capture.

The point is- if you want to drastically improve your photography, carry a camera with you at ALL TIMES and don’t be afraid to pull it out.



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5 responses to “Rule #1- Always carry your camera

  1. My camera sits in the passenger seat, and I’m not admitting whether I buckle it in for safety or not 😉

  2. thelumberjackswife

    Those are all amazing! I wish I was a good picture taker!

  3. Loving that stag! It always makes me happy to see them running through pastures along the road!

    I’m done too!!!!!! WAHOO!

  4. And don’t be affraid to pull i out is really sound advice.

  5. Beautiful! Those are GREAT reasons to always carry your camera!

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