I’m a corn widow!

And I’m not even married yet!

Last Sunday, Colby began to work on this:


You may be wondering what exactly that is. Well, it’s a planter and it is responsible for putting corn seeds two inches below the soil.

And no, I did not have to ask- I remember that all from last year. I’m going to be a good farm wife one day… just as soon as I get used to spending all my time alone.


See, Colby and his brother Travis have been working around the clock. He came home at midnight last night, sleepily ate the delicious bowl of cereal I prepared for him, and passed out. He was gone shortly after eight this morning.

That a lot of hours for a girl to spend all alone… especially when she’s trying to write a term paper over Karl Marx. I think I might lose it soon and go completely wacko.


It’s probably a good thing I have the puppy… because at least he acknowledges me when I talk to him. Cricket, on the other hand, just runs in the opposite direction when I start ranting about Marx’s economic theories.

Some people animals just don’t understand.

Of course, if I ever finish this paper that might be what I do if anyone happens to brings it up again- RUN.


Don’t worry- I’m not going to update my blog without at least one new picture of my little Justice. Except he isn’t so little. I was only gone three days this week, but he seems way heavier than normal. I really need to start training him to a leach or we are going to have serious problems around here.

I’m suddenly imagining myself carrying a 100 pound dog around. Wouldn’t that be a sight!



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9 responses to “I’m a corn widow!

  1. I finished my term paper that was due at 8am this morning around midnight last night, then drafted the endnotes & bibliography this morning at 6.45. I like to think that I work best under pressure, and I’m sure you do, too! 😉

    Your puppy is just like…the goofiest kind of cute. He looks so soft & cuddly and I can just imagine how he runs with those giant paws! (That’s where the goofy part comes in, haha!)

    • Marla

      I hope so… The horrible thing is, I only have two pages left! But I have NOTHING to say. 🙂

      He’s just about as graceful as he looks. He trips all the time. It’s adorable.

  2. Thank you for the pictures and the corn. GR and I had some corn last night for dinner that was incredible!

  3. I hope that the season isn’t too long…I can’t imagine the farming life! My husband is finishing up his dissertation, though, and so…I’m a dissertation widow. haha

  4. oh man is that doggie cute or what!?

    PS, great shots of the tractors 🙂

  5. I remember those long hours on the farm well. When the 1st cutting of alfalfa would come off, for about a month you never slept more than a couple hours each day. After a few days you just drop into this dulled senses/farmerzombie mode. I don’t miss that part. About that leash thing,,,,,as big as that pup is going to get, you might be better off buying a pony halter. Ha Ha.

  6. Hee! Better than being a sports widow 😉

  7. Amy

    Oh my goodness, your puppy is so adorable.

    Good luck with being a corn widow. I get to be a four-wheeler widow every now and then. 🙂

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