Beware of the Cute

If you have ovaries, then you probably shouldn’t look at the following pictures.

If you’re a dog lover, than you should probably turn away.

If you happen to know a cute baby or puppy, you better ran fast.

If you currently feel like something is missing in your life, then you need to click the little x button on the top of your screen.

Honestly, I’m warning you.

I’m serious. The following pictures may be too much for kind, weak souls.

I know they were too much for me.



When you’re the best of friends
Having so much fun together
You’re not even aware, you’re such a funny pair
You’re the best of friends


Life’s a happy game
You could clown around forever
Neither one of you sees, your natural boundaries
Life’s one happy game



If only the world wouldn’t get in the way
If only people would just let you play
They say you’re both being fools
You’re breaking all the rules
They can’t understand, the magic of your wonderland


When you’re the best of friends
Sharing all that you discover
When that moment has past, will that friendship last?
Who can say? There’s a way!
Oh I hope… I hope it never ends
‘Cause you’re the best of friends

(I warned you… That much sweetness in one post could be dangerous.)



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2 responses to “Beware of the Cute

  1. thelumberjackswife

    Very precious! I have ovaries, yet I looked anyways. 🙂 ha!

  2. Oh my… so very precious. I have ovaries, but I also have a 5 month old, so I thought I would probably be safe…

    but I was wrong. Now I remember that there IS something missing from my life – a puppy! My desire for a puppy is that much stronger. Especially so I could enjoy the sweetness of a puppy and a baby growing up together. I should have heeded your warning. 🙂

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