He’s here!

My puppy has finally arrived! We are so happy that Justice is finally here.


He’s actually really big already, weighing in at about sixteen pounds at eight weeks old. He’s a Bullmastiff though, which means he’s going to be about the size of a horse in a year. By the way, these are the biggest bowls they sell at Target. He’s going to be a big boy.

I’ve always liked big dogs… I have a theory that the smaller the dog, the more they yap. I’ve had Justice for twelve hours, and he has yet to make a noise. Plus, we have a giant house and a super large yard. We have the room for a large dog.


Bullmastiffs were bread to help gamekeepers catch poachers in England. They would silently sneak up and tackle the poacher, holding them to the ground until they could be arrested. The breed is known as the Gentle Guardian because they have unique way of realizing when there is danger and alerting their family.

During harvest, I spend a lot of time home alone. Not only will I have Justice for company, but he is also likely to scare off any intruders. One hundred and forty pound dogs have a way of scaring individuals for some reason.


For now, the puppy training is going well. He’s slept the majority of the day and I’m watching him for all signs that it is time to take him outside.


I’ll be back tomorrow with more pictures. Take care,



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15 responses to “He’s here!

  1. What a sweet face! We have two little dogs (both by accident) and we’ve always wanted a huge dog. But…I guess the fact that they’re little was in our favor since we’re living in apartments until we buy our first house in a couple of years! He’s a cutie pie…Love him!

    • Marla

      Any dog is better than no dog. They are such delightful animals. We’ve had a cat for about eight months… She has a few moments of sweetness, but generally doesn’t care about us at all. Dogs are just so much more loyal and caring.

      Actually, she just bit me. Dang cat. 🙂

  2. While doing a research for a project about dogs I found your blog. Thanks for the info

  3. He’s so cute! Can’t wait to watch him grow 🙂

  4. I don’t think that little guy could get any cuter.

    • Marla

      I agree. I just kept saying, “he’s just so darn cute,” when I picked him up. And he’s sweet and snuggly. He spends at least 80% of the day napping, too.

  5. He’s precious!!! What a handsome boy!

  6. He’s simply gorgeous, and you are going to love him. He really is going to be your dog and your best friend. My only bitch about them is they drool, but you get used it.

    My dog was named Justice, his sister Liberty. I know corny huh?

    I am so happy for you!

  7. thelumberjackswife

    Now he is cute!!

  8. Rina

    Congrats! What a love. Puppy kisses are usually the best part of my day.

  9. Heather in ND

    SO CUTE! 🙂

  10. Linda C

    Your new baby is so cute.
    I know you will enjoy him so much.
    I have one too the BEST dog I have ever had.
    But man can he snore louder than any one.
    Found your blog via corn bean.
    All the Best to you and your new baby.
    Linda Seattle, WA

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