I’ve gotta nickname…

I’ve mentioned before that my baby sister, Jamey, is a little ball of fire. As the youngest of six, she’s always been a spunky kid who is comfortable talking to adults. From birth, she’s been full of attitude.

Jamey learned to talk very early. We loved teaching her new words and it soon became a competition between us. Each of us wanted her to say our name first. Jamey, of course, had a mind of her own… even at a year old. She knew each of her family members names and would name off every single one of them, except for mine.


When I asked her what my name was, she would yell “Shay.” (That’s one of our other sisters names.) But when I was gone she would ask “Where’s Marla?” It wasn’t that she didn’t know my name, she just wanted to tease me.

About this same time, Jamey grew obsessed with Finding Nemo. She loved the movie and would watch it over and over. One day she started calling me ‘Dory’ and it has stuck since. My parents and siblings call me Dory a majority of the time and baby Sam will grow up knowing me as ‘Aunt Dory.’

And all because I reminded a toddler of blue fish who had major memory issues. Nice.

On Easter, we had communion at our church. A whole family, including a little second grade girl, was in charge of holding the bread and juice. As a went though the line, I was ticked to hear “God bless you, Dory” as the youngster held a loaf of bread for me. I’m not sure that anyone under the age of ten in my hometown knows me by Marla.

Do you have any nicknames?



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5 responses to “I’ve gotta nickname…

  1. None that can be repeated. 😉

    We do have nicknames for each of our kids though. I wonder how long they’ll last?

  2. thelumberjackswife

    Well, Dory is an awesome character, so you should be honored.

    Nicknames for me? Doodles.

  3. Hiya, Marla…

    Hey, check out my blog. You got tagged 😉

  4. catrina

    Well, my REAL name isn’t Catrina—it’s a family nickname I’ve had since….well, forever. The aunt who gave me the name died a year ago, and it was mentioned at her memorial that she was a good giver of nicknames.

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