In the next year, I’m going to encounter a lot of new things. You all should probably know that I’m generally opposed to change. I like comfort and stability. I get up each morning and go through the exact same process to get ready. I leave for class at the same exact time. I sit in the same seat in class. Change just freaks me out, while stability makes me feel at peace.

After three years and a half years of college, I’m finally going to graduate. I am so burned out. For the last three years, I’ve felt like I constantly had something hanging over my shoulder that needed to be done. I am so sick of term papers and tests. But at the same time, I worry that I’m going to feel lost without those tests. For so long, I’ve had to think about school… What am I going to do when that’s gone?


My wedding date is also rapidly approaching. In 255 days I will no longer be an independent women. Not that I am now, but it’s weird to think that I’ll be legally linked to someone other than my parents. My last name is going to change. He’s going to add me to his insurance. We are going to be married, for real.

It’s all so weird.

Don’t get me wrong. I am so ready to be done with college and married to the man I love. Seriously. I can’t wait.


But at the same time, it all seems so bizarre. It’s a good bizarre though.



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6 responses to “Changes

  1. very cute photos!!

    and trust me, i’ve been in those shoes before!! it is a little weird!

  2. “What am I going to do when that’s gone?”

    BE THRILLED. Basically. That’s what I plan on doing hehe! And with your photography business already taking off, it’s going to be amazing! You’re going to love life!

    • Marla

      You’re right… It’s not like I’m suddenly going to have nothing to do. Life will still be jam packed full of stuff.

      And I could always decide to go back for my masters. Muahahaha. Yeah right. I’m beyond sick of school.

  3. It’s great change. You two seem so connected, you may even be surprised about how little “change” you actually feel!

    The college thing will be weird though 🙂 haha

  4. You can still be independent and be married. Independence is a state of mind.

    Congratulations. It’s a coming!

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