No respect…

“Cricket, we need to have a serious conversation…”


“No really, this is important…”


“You seem to be having a serious attitude problem lately. Why don’t you ever listen to me? I’m starting to get fed up with it. As long as you live under my roof, you’re going to follow my rules.”


“You better not go back to sleep. Really. I have something very important to tell you.”


“In two weeks, I’m going to bring you home a baby brother. Aren’t you excited?! He just can’t wait to meet us.”


(To be continued…)



Filed under Farm Pets, Marla's Ramblings

2 responses to “No respect…

  1. You seem to be mistaken. Clearly YOU live under the cat’s roof. 🙂

    A new baby? Hmmmm . . .

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