April Fools!

I’m not very good at pranks… Actually, it’s more than that- I suck at pranks. I’ve tried over and over to pull them off, but I always end up with a huge grin on my face when I try to trick others. I’m just no good at being sneaky.

Last Spring, I was living in Edmond, Oklahoma where the pollen count in higher than should ever be legally allowed. I’m allergic to the air in Central Oklahoma and was constantly coughing and sneezing. It was horrible.

In late March, I developed a weird pain in my ear. The dull ache was accompanied by a lack of hearing in my left ear. It was like I was going deaf. I tried several times to get into a doctor, any doctor, but was repeatedly met with “we are not excepting any new patients.” It was so frustrating.

I, being the mature adult that I am, soon grew whiney. I complained to Colby that “There was probably a bug in my ear and that I was going to DIE.” Because he is absolutely loving and adores me, he laughed and told me that I would be fine.

After three days of only being able to hear out of one ear, I finally got into see a doctor. I arrived early, like I always do, and begin a long wait in the waiting room. After a while, I decided to have a little fun. I started texting Colby:

Him- “Have they seen you yet?”

Me- “I’m just going into the room. I hope it’s something easy to fix.”

Him- “Me too.”

I waited several minutes before replying.

Me- “The nurse just looked in my ear and then went to get the doctor.”

Him- “Really? That’s weird.”

Me- “OMG. They just came back and the doctor told me there is something in my ear!”

Him- “Are you serious? What are they going to do?”

Me- “I think they went to get some tweezers.”

At this point, the nurse comes into the waiting room, calls my name and directs me into the waiting room. I forget all about my little prank and place my phone into my purse. Colby, in the meantime, freaks out. After the doctor comes in and decides that I have a little drainage blocking my ear, I remember the prank and check my phone.

Colby’s texts showed his obvious worry:

“Are you serious? Are they going to do surgery?”

“Keep me updated.”

“I’m praying for you, baby. I love you.”

My perfect prank was suddenly ruined… He was really worried about me. I immediately called him and told him the bug was out and I was fine. I then asked him what the date was and he responded, “April 1st. Why?” I started laughing and responded “April Fools!”

He handled the prank much better than I would have, but he swore that he would get back at me. Honestly, it’s been a year and I’m still a little worried it.

Is he going to get me today?!? Only time will tell.



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