Relationships are about compromise. Colby and I hope to have a solid marriage, but I realize that realistically this can only come with compromise. At some point, we are going to have an argument or a disagreement. The important thing is how we deal with the dispute after it arises. Will we be stubborn and refuse to waver on our opinions or will we work together to resolve issues?

At this point, I think we make compromises easily. For example, let’s look at how our living room is decorated.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not an amazing home decorator. I will never star in my own HGTV show, but I do have a tiny bit of style. I like things to be clean, comfortable, inviting and colorful.

Colby’s style, on the other hand, is man-like. He likes rustic, wilderness decorations. If it would look at home in a Bass Pro Shop then he would love it in our home. The following animals decorate or living room:





Each set of antlers are special to Colby. One of them symbolizes the first deer he ever shot. Another was taken when he was hunting with his late Uncle Rod. He knows the story behind each and everyone of them.

I don’t love the antlers. To me, they seem a bit yucky.


This guy takes the cake though. I swear, sometimes he watches me, pleading to please have his legs back. It freaks me out.

Colby likes them. He was a bachelor for many years and likes the way his living room is decorated. They symbolize his manliness and his love of the outdoors. At this point, I am willing to make compromises about the dead animals on the wall.

But I refuse to let him put anything dead on the bedroom wall. I’ll put my foot down if he starts decorating my bathroom. A girl has to have some kind of boundaries.

And I refrain the right to decorate them for Christmas. I get excited about holidays.



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5 responses to “Compromise

  1. “Colby’s style, on the other hand, is man-like. He likes rustic, wilderness decorations”………………………………….wilderness decorations.??? Marla, those antlers, are the trophies of studliness. That whole hunter/provider thing. 🙂

  2. Oh, honey. You are WAY more flexible than I am. Perhaps you are more practiced in the art of compromise? I really wouldn’t be able to handle any of that. And seeing that guy with no legs, staring at me from the wall?? That would freak me right out.

    Good idea keeping hubby away from the bedroom. Imagine having a bodyless set of deer eyes leering down at you in the darkness at 2 AM! Nightmare inducing 😉

    • Marla

      Haha. They really aren’t that bad. Over the last couple of months, I’ve gotten used to them.

      But they will be limited to this one room, for sure!

  3. Jen

    Hopped on over from Katie@marriageconfessions.
    I am sooooo happy my man does not hunt! We fish, we camp, we “collect” rifles (collect because “we” never use them) which ARE hung in the bedroom (but behind the door, hidden). Thankfully, no species other than human reside in our living space. Now, the garage…that’s a different story. The Hubs man room is the garage, and as much as I would appreciate parking my car in there…I don’t complain, because he decorates that room with nascar…appropriate for a garage, don’t you think? LOL

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