Bundled Up

This picture contest this week at i heart faces is “Bundled Up.”

I thought this was a little late to be showcasing cold weather when I first saw this theme weeks ago. I was obviously wrong; it is currently snowing outside here in Oklahoma RIGHT NOW. I am so ready for Spring.

Anyway, this is my little nephew Samuel. I promise, he was only out in the snow for two minutes tops. But isn’t he cute? He was about six weeks old here and it was right after a giant snowstorm.

Who's baby is this?

Head over to i heart faces for more great enteries.



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4 responses to “Bundled Up

  1. What a sweetie! : ) I love that you put the disclaimer in about how he was only out for two minutes. I love little babies. Love them. Love them. LOVE them!

  2. that is so cute! how precious. I love his little hands… 🙂 great picture!

  3. Little Samuel is so cute! He look quite cozy in that little sled!

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