Summer Food

Last weekend, Colby and I had a delicious supper with my parents. During the summer, we grill out frequently. After months of freezing cold weather, we were all craving some yummy summer food.

We made the best steaks. They were so good.


We chopped up some potatoes, jalapeno, and bacon and cooked them on this skillet thing my little brother made for my dad in shop class.


I add jalapeno peppers to everything. Seriously. They are a main food group when Marla’s cooking.

Finally, we made these wonderful bacon wrapped jalapeno peppers stuffed with cream cheese. We call them Armadillo Eggs, but I’ve heard them called a wide variety of things. They are absolutely the perfect summer food. My favorite, by far. Just be sure to wear gloves when making them.


We scarfed down the food before I remembered to take any food, but it was good. And it included the three main food groups when you live on a farm- beef, bacon, and jalapeno peppers…



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8 responses to “Summer Food

  1. Try mixing some pineapple into the cream cheese the next time you make them. Oh my god, good.

    (I stood in the wind and rain this weekend to BBQ…I was craving it too. Damn you, Canadian weather)

  2. Another reason I like living in the desert. Grill year round. That stuff looks drooly good. And I TOTALLY agree on the jalapenos. And I also always say, “red chili flakes are a vegetable.” 🙂

  3. Thanks for coming to visit my blog. I loved Kelly’s post as well.

    PS. Your dinner above looks yummy, when should I arrive with a warm quilt???

  4. Oh my goodness. Scrum diddly umptious! : )

  5. Yes! We eat Armadillo Eggs for tailgating during football season! I don’t know if we call them “eggs” (we as in my sister-in-law’s former roommate who makes them)… I thought we called them Armadillo Legs?

    tomato tomato (wait, that didn’t work)

    Anyway, looks delicious!! I am craving steak now!!

  6. Oh I adore jalapenos but can’t get anyone else in my house to like them. Those potatoes look amazing!

  7. We call them jalapeño poppers, we have them once a week for breakfast with a side of fried eggs, it’s my husbands favorite!

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