Three months

I cannot believe how fast babies grow. In three months, my nephew Samuel has gone from a skinny, little thing, to an alert baby with three chins. It is wild!

Here Sammy is at less than a month:
Sam's First Christmas
Sleepy Sam
He was only five pounds at this point… And absolutely adorable.

I hope my babies don’t grow this fact. I want my unborn children to be cute and cuddly for as long as possible. Think someone can invent something to control that for me?!?

Three months
Hanging out

Of course, he is still cute and cuddly… But he is growing way to fast, in my opinion. I can’t imagine him getting any bigger, but I know that he is learning and changing every single day. Who knows what he will look like in two weeks?

What age do you think babies are the best? Personally, I think about six months is perfect.



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5 responses to “Three months

  1. before they can crawl! haha, then they aren’t getting into everything and you can set them down and talk to them as they laugh and kick. 🙂

    cute photos, auntie!!

    • Marla

      Haha. I agree… This is going to sound horrible, but I think three months is the worst. He isn’t an easy baby and wants to be entertained all the time… yet he doesn’t really play yet. Watching Sammy for one morning can be exhausting.

      • haha, I agree. from working at a daycare, I know how high maintenance some babies can be!! we can hold all of them all the time… though that would be pretty nice 🙂

  2. He is just adorable! My son was a little over 5lbs when he was born and now at 9 months, he is over 20! So far, I think 9 months is really the best age. He is so alert, laughs at us when we make funny faces, scoots, and holds his own bottle. I love it! 🙂

    P.S. I stopped by from Marriage Confessions! 🙂

  3. CSY

    Ages between 6-9 mos. I miss my babies being that small! I’m a mother of a TEENAGER…in less than 24 hours. I think I’m going to cry.

    P.S. Sammy is ADORABLE!

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