I Love

I love…
This kid. She seriously cracks me up. Yesterday, she happily read me the book “Nasty Animals” and giggled for thirty minutes about the fact that “pigs sometimes eat cow poop… and we eat bacon!” She’s getting so smart and is such a wonderful reader. It blows me away.

I love my engagement ring.
I still look at it in amazement and think “How did I get so lucky?” If I ever get in a car wreck, it will probably be because I was distracted by the beauty on my finger.

My love
Of course, I also love the goof-ball who gave me my engagement ring. He’s a keeper for sure.

My mom keeps telling me that I’m so lucky to have found someone as sweet as my dad. I think she’s right.

And again
I love sunsets. They make me so dang happy. If you were to look through my pictures folder, you would be surprised by just how many sunset shots I have. I take them all the time.

I love that spring is almost here. Yesterday, it was sixty degrees and beautiful outside. That makes me smile. Big.

What are a few things that you love?



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4 responses to “I Love

  1. I love:

    that sometimes when playing music, you disappear into it.

    when you cook for somebody for the first time and they say, “you could sell that.”

    a cat purring.

    the smell of the desert after rain.

    my family.

    new friends.

    old friends.

    pudgy cheeks on babies.

    superior firepower.

    little old ladies.

    the way a big fish feels bending your pole.

    OK, OK, I’ll quit. 🙂

  2. I think your ring is absolutely gorgeous! Probably worth a car crash in my opinion! And I’m so excited its finally starting to feel like spring. I feel like this winter has been one of the longest ever.

    • Marla

      I agree… January and February sucked weather wise. On the brighter note, we are going to have an awesome wheat crop this year. 🙂

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