Apparently, being engaged sounds bad when your seven…

In January, I shared the story of Colby and I’s engagement. We were on an eleven-day road trip when he popped the question. (You should read it if you haven’t. It was amazing.)

During the trip, we sent my baby sister Jamey postcards from exciting and notable places we had visited. The messages on them were vague with declarations of “How much fun we were having!” and reminders for her to “Take care of Cricket.” They were nothing amazing, but I figured she would enjoy seeing where we had traveled.


On the last day of my trip, Ashley sent me a text message detailing how Jamey had just thrown a huge fit before school. Ashley had been showing her pictures of our trip that I had posted to facebook and mentioned to Jamey that we were engaged. Jamey flipped out, crying and asking why we hadn’t wrote that on the postcards. Ashley was fairly confused but decided that Jamey was just extra tired that day.

The next day, Jamey was overly excited to see me. Over the course of her life, I’ve spent three years away at school and she was fairly used to never seeing me before I transferred colleges. I immediately apologized, explaining to her that I thought Mom and Dad had told her Colby and I were engaged. She looked at me, completely serious and asked “What does engaged mean?”


I then explained that it meant we were getting married. Jamey smiled and exclaimed, “So you’re not going away again?” The poor kid thought that I was going to be leaving her again. It absolutely broke my heart. I repeatedly explained to her that I wasn’t going anywhere, reminding her that farms don’t move and Colby and I would always be around.

Moral of this story: Explain words like engaged to the children in your life. Chances are, they probably don’t know what they mean.



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4 responses to “Apparently, being engaged sounds bad when your seven…

  1. That’s so sweet & cute! Poor thing!

  2. brooke

    Awww such a sweet sweet story. i am so glad that you found me through kelly’s korner…you have such a cute blog and i look forward to reading many more posts!

  3. cute story 🙂

    love your site, look forward to reading more….and big time congrats on the engagement!

  4. Very sweet. Sounds like she really loves you! And congrats on your engagement!

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