I know it’s still pretty much winter, but today is the first day of March. My photoshop has being giving me fits and I’m still dreaming about warm weather, so I decided to post a series of pictures from the lake taken last summer.

This is my brother Clint.

This is my brother Clint crashing and burning.




I hope it’s warm today where ever you are…



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5 responses to “Wipe-Out

  1. I am so thankful that it is March I can hardly stand it. Surely lake days will be upon us soon?!

  2. Hey! I found you blog through Kelly’s Korner. I wish it was warm here today in PA, but it’s cold. Again. Those water skiing pics sure make me dream about summer though!

  3. CSY

    You know, living in Florida you’d think it was warm and balmy all the time…Mother Nature has been VERY angry with the South this year…its COLD here! Hopefully in 2 weeks the sunshine will be back and we will once again be the ‘Sunshine State’…

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