My little baby is growing up…

My cat, Cricket, is no longer a baby. She’s a full-fledged adult cat with some serious problems…

Baby Cricket

She’s in heat. The poor cat has spent the last two days rubbing herself against anything will move. Oh and she cries, loudly.

Cricket isn’t an affectionate cat. She would rather spend her time darting around the house then laying next to me. In the last twenty-four hours I’ve probably had to push her off my lap sixty three hundred times. I’m not mean to her, but she’s smells a bit funny. I cannot imagine the hormones that are surging through her little body. Her personality has been totally altered. It’s insane.

I almost posted the following facebook status: “…So our cat is in heat and really needs help. Any advice?” I only resisted because I knew I would get comments about a horny pussy. Oh my.

Any advice guys?

(P.S.- She has an appointment at the vet later this month. We don’t want any baby kitties running around.)


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One response to “My little baby is growing up…

  1. Ok, get the shower running cold, insert cat, (while wearing welding gloves and leathers) guard your eyes, repeat as necessary. 🙂

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