God Help My Parents

My parents are on the tail-end of raising five teenagers. At this point, they have dealt with it all.

But they are no way finished.
J Bird
Jamey is a little ball of fire. She’s been feisty and opinionated since she was two. She’s never met a stranger and doesn’t mind telling you how it will be.

Shortly after my twenty-first birthday, Jamey heard me joking about drinking. With total seriousness, she looked up at me and said, “Remember- beer before liquor makes you sicker.”

I’m pretty sure my mouth hung wide open for five minutes. Prey for my parents. They are going to need it in ten years.

(P.S.- She swears she learned that little piece of knowledge from MythBusters.)



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3 responses to “God Help My Parents

  1. I actually saw that episode of Mythbusters so she could be right. 🙂 Still funny out of a kid’s mouth.

    BTW, the color in that picture is incredible!

    • Marla

      Oh, I am so glad! I’m glad she hasn’t been hitting the bottle at seven.

      And thank you. I took these pictures in an amazing yard. The flowers are insane.

  2. That there is a cutie! And I especially like the cross necklace. Cute, confident, cross, what’s not to like. I have a nephew, name of Sterling. He is that same feisty, opinionated ball of fire. He wants to be a lawyer………..sigh

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