Three Things

1.) I am currently very overwhelmed by school. Can someone explain to me why all my tests are clumped together? Do the professors get together and decide when to torture their poor students?

I am so burned out.

And feeling very whiney. Please forgive me.

2.) Colby and I visited Sante Fe, New Mexico over the weekend. We had a very exciting trip that involved a 9-11 call, hitch-hiking, and paying a ridiculous amount for a tow service. I’ll explain more later, but believe me- MEMORIES WERE MADE.

Near Sante Fe.

3.) I got pretty new cowgirl boots for Valentines Day. Aren’t they adorable?

My pink boots

I’ll try to be less random tomorrow, but I’m currently overwhelmed by school.



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2 responses to “Three Things

  1. You know Marla, those are the kind of boots you tuck you pant legs into, rather than over. BTW, the best looking pair of boots I ever saw a woman wear were on Emmy Lou Harris’ feet. Celebrity Theater, Phoenix, Az. Around 1979. I’ll try and find a pic. Nice shitkickers.

  2. Ooooh, the boots! FAB. And honey, those are too gorgeous to be covered up… listen to Stephen.

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