I’m sick of winter, I’m sick of the snow, and I’m ready to get outside. The smallest activities become difficult when you have to bundle up in several layers of clothes and fumble with gloves. It’s not enjoyable.

Of course, spring and summer aren’t exactly relaxing either. Between planting, keeping up with sprinklers, and later harvest, life on the farm can be exhausting.

But the weather is amazing.
Obviously, my brain is going to slush. I think I need some sun or something.

What’s your favorite time of year?



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4 responses to “Winter-Blues

  1. When it’s summer I always dream of cold crisp winter mornings, but right now all I can think about is not wearing a coat outside and still feeling warm. Bring on the summer!

  2. Thanks for some great thoughts there. I am kind of new to online , so I printed this off to put in my file, any better way to go about keeping track of it then printing?

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