Roommates make you grow-up and become tolerant of others… Right?

Having roommates can be tense and ugly. Believe me, I’ve had some absolutely horrible roommate experiences. From my first roommate who fought me tooth and nail to keep the room at a sweltering 101 degrees to another who frequently entertained male guests in the bed next to me- I’ve experienced it all.

Actually, it wasn’t until recently I’ve had reasonable roommates, but man-oh-man do I have some stories.


Once, when I was living in the dorms, I walked into my room to find my devil-spawn darling  roommate clothed only in a robe. She was perched awkwardly on her bed with a pair of tweezers in her hand. Upon my arrival she turned away from me, towards the open window, and pulled down the top of her robe.

I was shocked. “What are you doing?” I honestly had no idea.

“I’m, like, plucking my nipple hair. Duh. What did you, like, think I was doing?”

Um- yeah. That really happened. To this day, I don’t understand why someone would do such a thing in public. Believe me, this girl had no couth. At all.

Another time, the same girl came rushing into the room and threw her laptop down in front of me. “OMG, you have to watch this!” She began laughing hysterically as I looked to her computer. There on her laptop was my roommate and her boyfriend in their very own sex tape.

I was absolutely horrified and quickly slammed the lid down; of course, the sound continued as I angrily begin to scream: “Why do you think I would want to watch that? You’re so disgusting!”

Pikes Peak

Obviously, our relationship didn’t last much longer. She was hands down the worst roommate I have ever had and I haven’t once missed living with her. Looking back on it, I want to say that the experience taught me something… but I honestly can’t really think of one good thing she exposed me too. Honestly, she probably corrupted me more than anything else.

Now it’s your turn. Dish. What is one roommate experience you wish you could have avoided?



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4 responses to “Roommates make you grow-up and become tolerant of others… Right?

  1. The pukers. After partying, they puked all over the bathroom, and were too drunk to actually clean it up, then they slept till noon. Problem was, nature always called me at about 7:00 a.m. I remember “hovering” while doing my business and thinking to myself, ” so this is what girls do in public restrooms.”

    • Marla

      Haha. Yeah, luckily I haven’t had any pukers yet.

      I did once have a roommate that was super dirty. Her room seriously looked like a crime scene with dirty plates, old food, etc.

  2. Yes, the dirty roommate. Open PB jars… I don’t think she ever used the lid. Never did dishes. I am really organized and going into her room made me sick! I don’t know if she actually ever showered….

  3. My first freshman roommate was something else! It began with her “borrowing” shirts from my closet within the first few days of living in the dorms — or for that fact even knowing each other — and ended when she pushed me to get out of her way. I moved out that night. Not the most pleasant way to begin your freshman year of college!

    The roommates I moved in with after that were a tad bit more wild than I was. They weren’t near as bad as roommate #1 but I was not near as innocent as I was when I moved in!

    After my freshman year, when we weren’t forced to live in the dorm, I had apartments by myself! Roommates were not worth it for me.

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