Yesterday, I decided to spend my Saturday helping Colby and his father on the farm. To my surprise, this involved very little work and lots of driving around the countryside looking for interesting picture opportunities.

I am so glad that I have people who like my photography and urge me to get out and take pictures. Some of the shots I got weren’t the best, but they did capture some rare wildlife on a winter day. Please excuse the poor quality.

First off, we spotted this small family of deer. Funny enough, deer seem to sense when it isn’t hunting season and are generally pretty relaxed around people. Plus, this herd had a very good vantage point. They could clearly see us, but we could have easily overlooked their presence.

Next, we stumbled across a group of about seventy-five Antelope. These animals are just about the most annoying creatures to ever walk the Earth. (Wait- they aren’t as bad as mosquitos, but very close.) Antelope hunting is closely regulated and the state only issues a small number of Antelope tags are year. As a result, there population has exploded. Herds as large as 1,000 have been known to gather, eating large quantities of grass and winter wheat.

Not only do they cause a huge financial burden on ranchers and farmers, but they are also known to cause many vehicle accidents. While deer run away from cars, Antelope are much crazier- switching directions and running in to cars with no warning.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m not a huge fan of the Antelope.

This Golden Eagle provided us with lots of entertainment. The picture doesn’t show much, but this really was an amazing animal. We watched as it swooped to the ground, attempting to pick up a something near it’s size. It was awesome.

Finally, we came across a large flock of geese. I felt extremely sorry for the birds, wondering why they were so far behind schedule. Shouldn’t they be resting in Mexico about now? Of course, Oklahoma is probably much warmer than other parts of the country right now.

I couldn’t believe how many wild animals we saw in one day. Everywhere we looked, we seemed to run into more of God’s creatures.

What is your favorite wild animal? How often do you spot animals in their natural environment?

(P.S.- I would like to thank everyone who visits my blog. Leave a comment. I absolutely adore them!)


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One response to “Wild

  1. Lovely photos! I’ve always wanted to see a golden eagle.

    I don’t get to spot wildlife as often as I would like only having one day off a week! booo.
    Can’t wait for spring and the longer evenings – I feel like I haven’t done a wildlife photography for ages!

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