Overwhelmed? Not yet, but I may be very soon.

I have two very big goals for the next year: graduate and get married. As luck would have it, both of these events will take place next December. Of course, I am excited to finish my undergrad and marry to the love of my life, but at the same time, the thought of planning a wedding while hurry to finish school a semester early is stressing me out.

I’m so sick of college… My first two years, I was hardcore and took eighteen hours a semester. I think the extra essays and tests are finally starting to catch up with me and I want out. Because I’m so close to being done, I’ve aimed to be done in three and a half years. That means I’m going to have to take several summer classes online, but my goal is to be DONE with my undergraduate degree by December.


Colby and I are planning our wedding for December 23, 2010. Why? Because our church is absolutely gorgeous at Christmas. It’s my absolute favorite time of year and I love Christmas decorations. Having a wedding right before the biggest holiday brings up it’s own difficulties, but I’m still very excited about our date.


I could drown in the details though. There are so many things that to decide between now and the big day. Between the tablecloths, photographer, China, and endless list of things that I have to decide I could very easily get stressed out.

My goal is to stay focused on the end result and not to worry about every little thing. Colby and I will be married. Our two hundred guests will have a fabulous time. In the end, it will not matter if absolutely everything was perfect.

One last time...

Do you guys have any great wedding advice? What was your favorite part of your wedding? Did it go exactly as planned?



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6 responses to “Overwhelmed? Not yet, but I may be very soon.

  1. We married December 20, 2008!

    I didn’t get China- I thought it was a waste of money to get one place setting- plus China isn’t “China” anymore- it’s microwavable and dishwasher safe- find good dishes that will last a long time that don’t cost an arm and a leg! 🙂

    We had Christmas music played during dinner, and our song was “The Gift”.

    Get the big details out of the way and then worry about the small things! We did ours at a hotel so we didn’t have any set-up or take-down to worry about, it was awesome. Bring totes to the church to put the girls stuff in (like plastic bins) so it can be easily carted to the hotel by someone if you guys take a limo, bus, etc.

    My favorite part- after everything, we hopped in the bathtub together. It was so relaxing after being on my feet all day, and the perfect way to end the night (well… besides the other way). The next best part was the next night, laying in bed together we weren’t tired and it was the first time in 3 days we totally had to ourselves, we got 2 hrs of sleep that night before going to the airport!

    I forgot minor details, and my grandma’s husband didn’t have a flower and it made her mad (in my defense, I was counting tuxes and he was the only one who wasn’t wearing a tux)… but those are all things I didn’t realize until after. It snowed A LOT, it was beautiful… but many people couldn’t make it. You know the ones who care will be there 🙂

    Okay… have I talked enough about my wedding?!?!

    PS- we got married graduation weekend 😉

    Have fun planning!!! This is so exciting!! Time is going to fly!

    • Marla

      Thanks, Kenzie. This is some great advice. I’m going to try not to stress out about it too much. I’m thinking about making my own centerpieces out of silk flowers, getting them out of the way slowly.

      My biggest worry right now is the guest list. We live in a tiny town where we know EVERYONE and they all expect to be invited. I have no idea how we are going to narrow down the list.

      Wow. Graduation weekend. You’re a bad ass. I think I’ll have a week and a half. 🙂

      I will keep you updated on the planning. I’m sure I’ll be talking about it A LOT around here!

  2. My best advice is get ALOT of pics. Don’t just rely on the “official” photographer. Have any guests that you know have camers shoot till their shutter finger is numb. It was those candid shots from others that became the greatest treasure. It happens so fast, that it’s impossible to take it all in while it’s happenning. Those “my perspective” pics from others are what will allow you to enjoy the whole thing for years. Also, at the risk of being a little too risque; Don’t put too much emphasis on the “honeymoon” first night. You are both going to be exhausted. Schedule a “second” honeymoon a few weeks later. You won’t forget it. BTW it was at least 10 or 15 years after college before I quit having “Oh no, I slept through my final!” nightmares. They sucked. Congratulations again.

    • Marla

      Very good advice, Stephen. We won’t be leaving until after Christmas, (probably about the 30th) because Colby has to get all kinds of tax things figured out at the end of the year…

      I’m not sure I’ll ever stop worrying about my grades. It’s ridiculous. 🙂

  3. Hmmm…the best bit of advice we were given is to make a list of everything that is super important to you (i.e colour scheme, flowers, music etc.) and make sure you stick to it. Everything else can be compromised on, because lets face it, everyone wants to have a say in what is going to happen!

    Also – I agree with the comment above. Get LOTS of photos.

    Happy planning!

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