I love Photoshop Actions!

If you’ve been around here more than three seconds, you’ve probably realized that I love photography.

I take a lot of pictures and I try to always process them in Photoshop. While I won’t say that Photoshop is the most important part of digital photography, I do believe that it can take a decent picture and make it great.
Family <3
Of course, Photoshop is also an extremely complicated program. It takes a lot of time to figure out how to use it. That’s time that I don’t have now.

How do I use Photoshop? I rely on actions. Actions are Photoshop files that really do all the work for you.
Cady & Colby
I rely on The Pioneer Women’s Actions and Coffee Shop’s Actions. Between these two blogs, I have received dozens of amazing actions that have helped improve my Photography.  Even better, both blogs provide their actions for free! While I’m not opposed to buying a nice action set, I really enjoy free ones.

Do you use Photoshop? (If not, I would recommend downloading a free 30-day trial and seeing if you like it.)
What are your favorite Photoshop actions?



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2 responses to “I love Photoshop Actions!

  1. Also a Photoshop-addict! Also Paint Shop Pro! 😉 Nice pictures!

  2. Holy cow! That first pic is a framer. Wow. No Photoshop here. I read alot of PW’s photo stuff over the last year, but, somehow, it felt like cheating. Not her, just manipulating the pics didn’t feel quite right. I think that’s a leftover vestige of learning to shoot with 35 mm film. But, now, digitally speaking, I remember SO many times eagerly rushing to pick up developed prints and being disappointed. ” Why didn’t they expose that more?” ” They got the saturation wrong.” etc. Maybe I need to check this out. Great pics Marla.

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