Oh so sassy

My baby sister, Jamey, has a mind of her own. She’s a sassy girl who knows exactly what she wants.

On Friday, I came home convinced that I wanted to take a picture of Jamey out in the snow in a church dress. Jamey, on the other hand, wasn’t exactly a willing participant. When I asked her to pose for me her first worlds were, “There is no way I’m going out there in a dress- period.”

I’m no push over though and continued to try to convince her- “It’s not that cold out there.” I could just imagine my cute, little sister smiling sweetly in the snow. They would be precious pictures!

“It’s 29 degrees.” She’s a stubborn kid and smart too.

“Oh, don’t be a baby. It’ll be so cute.” Don’t judge me- it was for art.

Somewhere along the way, my mother decided that she liked the idea and finally forced Jamey to put on a dress. Colby carried her out in the snow, helping to keep her from getting soaking wet.

That’s when Jamey’s stubborn streak came out again. “It’s cold. I’m not going to smile. I want to go inside.”

I almost thought the perfect picture wasn’t going to happen, but my Colby then told her to throw a snowball at me. Her face immediately changed and a smile creeped onto her face.


Miss Sassy

They weren’t the sweet, darling pictures I imagined, but they did perfectly capture the personality of my baby sister. She’s a sassy little kid, but I completely adore her.



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4 responses to “Oh so sassy

  1. Ok, it’s official, she’s a cutie. She has your cheeks. Actually, you both probably have your Mom’s cheeks. I guess since she’s sassy, they would be cheeky cheeks. 🙂

  2. Long live sassy girls! It’s that attitude to life that gets us through rough times (and by that, I mean ‘men’). With love to Jamey from a life-long Sassy Girl 😉

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