The post you’ve all been waiting for…

On the morning of January 4, I was woken by a sleepy voice murmuring in my ear: “Happy 13th month anniversary, baby.” I was surprised that Colby had remembered the date. We had been on vacation for a full week, and my days were beginning to run together.

It was our first full day at Lake Tahoe. I was excited, like a young child who had been given too much sugar on Christmas. I wanted to get out and explore. We drove up the mountain, planning our day. At one point, Colby casually mentioned, “I want to ride up the gondola at Heavenly.” I nodded, agreeing with him. Soon we were walking down the beach at Tahoe, taking tons of pictures.

I first realized that something was up when Colby suddenly demanded, “I want to ride the gondola right now.” Colby is not a demanding person. The fact that Colby was behaving so decisive was a giant red flag to me. Would this be the big day?
The ride up Heavenly Ski Resort was beautiful. Like everything else we had experienced on the trip, I was just amazed about how gorgeous the scenery was. I didn’t want to blink and miss something.

Half way up the mountain, they let us off at an observation deck.


From the observation deck, the view got even prettier.

Inside, I was getting nervous. I knew that Colby had talked to my parents weeks before and had already bought a ring. I just had no idea when he would ask.

Was he preparing himself?


We continued up the mountain, stopping at the top where groups of skiers were gathering for their lunch. Colby grinned, “I think we should get someone to take our picture up here.”

I looked around, hoping to see another couple with a camera. Unfortunately, we were surrounded by skiers who looked like they were all very busy. I didn’t want to bother anyone and said, “We can just ask Rita to take our picture together later.”


I turned, snapping one more picture of our surroundings before focusing my attention back on Colby.

“Well, I actually brought you up here for a reason.” Colby dropped to his knee, right there in the snow. “I would like to ask you to marry me.”

Honestly, I have no idea what I said next. The happiness of it all just overwhelmed me. I’m pretty sure I said yes though, because I’m wearing a shiny engagement ring now.



My engagement ring is perfect. Weeks before, Colby and I had visited a jewelry store. The ladies inside had helped me pick out three different rings that I really liked. Of course, they were three very different styles.

I left and Colby then decided on this ring by himself. He combined two of the styles I had liked, finding the absolute perfect ring. I seriously love everything about it.


The entire day was really like my very own fairytale.



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6 responses to “The post you’ve all been waiting for…

  1. I hope my mother forgives me, I hope you forgive me, I hope Jesus forgives me, but,,,,, but,,,, ok, I won’t say it, but I will say. YES!!!! Way to go stud! That pic in front of the Christmas tree, that’s a pic of a woman who knows she’s adored. Congratulations!!!!!!

  2. that ring is GORGEOUS!!! way to go, Colby!!!! the whole thing is just beautiful!!!! …and i agree, that is the pic of an adored girl!! 🙂

  3. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I kept meaning to leave a comment and then I’d feel guilty about reading blogs instead of doing schoolwork, and…well, you know how it goes.

    But WOW! Beautiful ring, nice spot…solid on ya, country boy. 🙂 Congrats you too.

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