I’m signed up for Amber Alerts on my cell phone… Have you?

On Monday morning, I woke up to discover that there was an Amber Alert issued for my area. I’ve been signed up to receive wireless Amber Alerts for almost a year and this was only the second time for this to ever happen.

Eight year old Aja Jotson has not been since since her mother was found dead in Geronimo, Oklahoma. It is believed that her step-father killed her mother and took off with the little girl.

Now take a moment and imagine what you would do if you were that little girl’s family. Not only are they morning the death of her mother, but they are now on a desperate search for Aja, who may be with a killer. Imagine the pain and fear they are¬†experiencing.

Someone out there has seen Aja and her captor, but they haven’t realized it yet. Wireless Amber Alerts is a great tool to alert the public off kidnappings and help spread the word of missing children. What if you saw the little girl on your way home from work today and didn’t realize it? What if you were the person to call police and help reunite this little girl with her grieving family?

If you haven’t already, please sign up to receive wireless Amber Alerts today. They are completely free, even if you do not have a text message plan, and you may be the link that helps bring a missing child home.


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