More Vegas

Hello, all.

I haven’t forgotten my promise to tell about our road trip. I’m just letting the experience simmering and cook in my brain so that I’ll be able to better explain myself. Or I’ve been extrememly busy with the new semester.

That might be it.

Anyway, Vegas in the day is a lot different then Vegas at night.


Colby and I did most of our exploring in the afternoons. Remember, there is only so much gambling one can do. It’s good to get out of the casinos and stretch your legs from time to time.


One can stay quite entertained just by watching the people. I bet I heard at least fifty different languages in Vegas. It really is a gathering place for all kinds of individuals from across the world. Of course, this is especially true on big holidays, like New Years Eve.

Have I mentioned that there was 300,000 people on the Strip on New Years Eve? That really is a lot of people.


The architecture of the casinos is also very interesting. From New York City, to Rome, to Paris, I felt like I traveled through time and space as I wondered down the strip…

Just make sure you allocate plenty of time to walking and pay attention to how far you’ve gone. The strip is several miles long. It would be a real bummer to unknowingly wonder five miles down the road and then have to waste money on getting a taxi back to your hotel.

Ceasar's Palace

If you decide to visit Las Vegas, I seriously recommend doing the who tourist scene. Sometimes it’s cool to walk around gawking at the locals and take tons of pictures.


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