I Miss Summer…

I miss summer

From May to October Colby is generally busy being a Super Farmer. He has little time for rest and relaxation and can usually be found driving something green, barking orders at truck drivers, or fixing oversized sprinkler systems. Last summer, he somehow found time to leave the farm for an entire day on THREE DIFFERENT OCCASIONS to go to the lake with my family. It was glorious!

My parents have a ski boat that they keep at a local lake. I’m generally not a huge fan of swimming in fish poop, getting sunburned, or the exhaustion that comes from a long day in the sun, but there is just something about flying across the water at a high speed that just makes me smile. Obviously, Colby and my dad feel the same way.



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3 responses to “I Miss Summer…

  1. I had a boat before I had anything to tow it with. Somebody was always willing to provide the tow vehicle so they could ski. One summer in Idaho, (summer vacation from ASU) I skied TWICE. And I had a great boat, and we stayed about 50 feet from the Snake River, and I was stuck being a farmer. 18 – 20 hour days. Endless. I did that for 4 summers. School was vacation. I feel really old when I remember one of those summers, stacking hay, under an ashen sky, courtesy of Mt. St. Helens. All the way over in Idaho you could taste the ash. Made incredible sunsets though. I’m rambling, I’m stopping rambling.

  2. I will definitely have a boat and/or lake house someday. I can’t wait for that someday sometimes 😉

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