Captain Joe


Meet Joe, one of the cats that live on the farm. According to Colby, Joe is almost twenty years old. While I think that might be a slight exaggeration, I do believe that Joe has personality to boot.

Something about the scarred up ear and the smug look on his face just screams “Ahoy! A sailin’ I will go… Where’s my grog?!” Can’t you just imagine Joe commanding a large ship of bustling pirates?

Why yes, I know nothing about that last bit made any sense… but my head works in strange ways and there is nothing wrong with having a little imagination.

But he is one pretty boy- just like Orlando Bloom- and we all know he’s real a pirate.



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3 responses to “Captain Joe

  1. Joe looks pretty wise and battle hardened. I bet that mug of his is the last thing on earth a bunch of mice and rats saw. Good whiskers too. Tell you what, I’ll see your whiskers and raise you one.

  2. Get this cat some boots and a pirate hat!

  3. I had a cat that looked like him named Snow Boots. I miss my kitty! What a pretty picture.

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