Oh, Vegas

Hello all,

It’s about time that I got back to telling the story of Colby and I’s epic road trip.

Because we had been stuck in traffic at the Hoover Dam for over three hours, we came into Vegas after dark, which turned out to be really awesome.


I’m one of those people who love lights. Christmas lights are my favorite, but the lights of Vegas were a very close second. Everywhere we looked there was tons of flashing, twinkling lights. It was great.


As much as I love my small town, we don’t have a lot of lights. Nothing flashy really goes on around here.

Of course, we also lack the huge crowds of people and the signs proclaiming ‘Call Girls to Your Rooms in Minutes.’ That’s a good thing, too. I must admit, I wasn’t very impressed by the call girl advertisements or the individuals who made their livings off handing out those little cards. Nasty. I just wanted to yell at them all, “get a real job people.” But that’s an entirely different story.

Freemont Street

We ended up spending New Years Eve on the Vegas Strip with about 300,000 other people. The seven minute long firework show was incredible and I must admit that I had a fabulous time.

One thing that really baffled me about Vegas was the amount of small children wondering around. Their were people pushing babies in strollers on New Years Eve… Did I mention that their was also a HUGE amount of alcohol and I smelled illegal drugs on multiple occasions?

I think that might be one time when springing for a babysiter might be worth it.


I’m sad to report that I didn’t come back from Vegas a multi-millionair… but I also didn’t loose my entire next semester’s tuition.

I’m not a very good gambler. If I get down $20, I’m ready to get out of there.


“You probably get this a lot. This isn’t the real Caesar’s Palace is it?”

“What do you mean?”

“Did, umm… did Caesar live here?”

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist. I’ll have more later, I promise.



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3 responses to “Oh, Vegas

  1. did you like Vegas? I am not a gambler and the call girl stuff creeps me out. I always hear people saying there is so much other stuff to do- but I still don’t know about it! My Mom likes it (she went for a girls weekend), my Dad hates it (he had to go for business).

    I do LOVE the photos though!! You’ve gotten really, REALLY good at shooting and editing (I assume you’re still editing…. because these look amazing!!!!!!)

    • Marla

      I liked Vegas, but I didn’t love it. I’m not a big gambler at all… The first two days were really exciting, but I was ready to go after that. It was nice, but I wouldn’t want to spend very much time there. We were also there during one of it’s busiest times and I really didn’t like all the crowds.

      And thanks. I actually didn’t edit these. I got a new computer and am still getting photoshop bought. I’m really looking forward to getting it downloaded so I can play with them some more.

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