3100 Miles

For the last six months, I’ve always joked about how Colby and I’s road trip would be the ultimate test of our relationship. If we could survive eleven million hours in the vehicle together, we could survive anything, right?

Fortunately, we didn’t experience a huge fight that ended with me demanding that I be let out at that very second. Instead, we laughed a huge amount over trivial things. While it was completely exhausting spending that much time strapped to a seat, we had an absolute blast.

Open Road

Since the trip, I developed a theory about my prior relationships:
An epic road trip would have ended them all before I wasted any time. If you happen to be questioning whether you should be with some, I wholeheartedly recommend a cross-country road tip. Just make sure you pack extra bus money with you… It would sure suck to have to walk all the way home.



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3 responses to “3100 Miles

  1. troutay

    Lovely pictures. I do like that part of the country. My mil and sil live in Arizona so we visit quite often.
    But only in the cooler months. Forget August!

    I also like Oklahoma and watching the sun light and shadows rush across the hills. Glad you had a good trip and thanks for the “visit”.

  2. I love those pictures! And I think that advice is SO wise. I love it : )

  3. So, to expand your idea; Soon to be newlyweds could be flown across the country, and made to drive back across the country together to the wedding. It would definitely cause a decline in business for both wedding cake decorators and divorce lawyers. 🙂

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