I’m Blessed

Sometimes I get frustrated easily. My wireless internet acts up or I can’t find a good parking place, and suddenly I act like the entire world is falling down around me.

In reality, I know that I’m being ridiculous. As Americans, we often overlook everything we have been blessed with in life. I don’t worry about where my next meal will come from. When I turn on the tap, I know clean water is going to come out. Even the poor in America are rich compared to others across the world.

Earthquake in Haiti

Haiti is the poorest country in the entire Western Hemisphere. Nine million people, almost 40% who are under fourteen years old, live in terrible conditions. An overwhelming number, 80% of the countries population, live below the poverty line. Their lives are not easy, even in the best times.

Injured victim of the Haiti earthquake which registered at 7.0 magnitude in the Caribbean. Thousands may be dead from the affects of the disaster.

After the recent earthquake, people in Haiti are fighting to survive… They are without clean water, lacking basic medical care, and living in horrendous conditions. Infectious diseases, such as typhoid fever and malaria, will soon began to spread between the people, causing even more deaths.

Haiti earthquake

While no one person can fix all the problems the people of Haiti have, if we work together we can help. Please send up a little prayer for the people affected by the recent earthquake and those who are trying to help them. Even better, send up multiple prayers throughout your day and donate to support the relief efforts in the country. Google has a very extensive list of charities that are working to bring food, health care, and clean water to the country. Every bit of help adds up and we can all make a difference.

(All pictures found through a quick ‘Haiti Earthquake’ search on Flickr.)



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2 responses to “I’m Blessed

  1. I agree, this is so heartbreaking and it makes me cringe for all the times i’ve gotten frustrated over missing a subway ride. Our lives are SO good. We don’t stop and cherish it like we should.

  2. I am so devastated by the loss of life in Haiti at this time. And you are so right, even in the best of times, it is a difficult place to live.

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