Marla & Colby’s Epic Road Trip (Traveling)

Late Friday night, I returned from an eleven day vacation with Colby. We traveled over 3,100 miles round trip and across three entire states. It was an  absolute blast! Over the next several days, I hope to share our adventures here.

Antelope & More Antelope

We had been planning the trip for almost six months and knew it was going to involve A LOT of driving, but I didn’t realize just how long it would take until we actually hit the road. First we planned on driving to Las Vegas for New Years Eve and a little bit of gambling. After four days in Sin City, we would travel on to Lake Tahoe where Colby’s Aunt Rita lives.

New Mexico Sunset

Once we got out on the open road, we made great time. I was amazed by the different scenery we passed. We trekked through desert for a while and before I knew it, we would be surrounded by snow. I’ve always imagined that Arizona was all one big, hot desert, but really it has a lot of snowy mountains.

New Mexico

Desert in New Mexico

We stopped at several very trashy unique places. One lady, who looked a little questionable, wiggled her eyes at Colby and asked, “Would you like a massage?’ Of course, he said no, but it still made me giggle and wonder what exactly the women was offering.

Reservation @ 80 mph

Me & Fido


Before long, we wear nearing the Hoover Dam. At that point, we were about eight hundred miles from home and I was looking forward to seeing something monumental. Our plans soon went amiss. Because of the huge amount of traffic traveling into Las Vegas, cars at the Hoover Dam was backed up for over five miles.

Traffic Suckage

Stuck at the Hoover Dam

Because the road drops down to two lanes and the tiny delay each vehicle had to make for security, no one was moving. Colby and I panicked, afraid that it was going to take HOURS to cross the damn, Dam. Even worse, we had no food or water!

Near the Hoover Dam

On the bright side, I did have plenty of time to get out of the pick-up truck and take LOTS of pictures. We watched as the sun set, silently praying that we would make it to our hotel in Vegas before we both starved to death.


Suset at Hoover Dam

It was a perfect sunset… After three hours of stop and go traffic (mostly stop), we finally made it past the Hoover Dam in the dark. Would Las Vegas be able to handle us? Check back tomorrow for the next leg of our trip: Sin City!



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8 responses to “Marla & Colby’s Epic Road Trip (Traveling)

  1. Marla, speaking of road trips, you should go check this site out. One of my favorites. Sounds like you had a great time in my home state of AZ

  2. your pictures are amazing!!! who would think traffic could be so beautiful?!

    i think i would have died waiting 3 hours with no food or water 😉 haha

    • Marla

      Well, we actually had lots of chocolate. About an hour and a half in, I pulled it out and exclaimed “we have food! Yay!” Of course, we ate it all and then were so thirsty. Haha.

  3. I love your photos! Beautiful landscapes.

    Looks like you had a great time 🙂
    Thanks for the comment on my blog, it’s always good to ‘meet’ new blog friends!

  4. I am glad you could take so many great pictures. How wonderfully fun : )

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  6. I’m still here! I’m totally enjoying your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine, now I have something new to read!

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